When selecting and designing a ring, it is worth considering in the first place what kind of cross-sectioned ring, in other words, what profiled ring you feel comfortable with.

This may vary from person to person. For this, it is worth trying as many models as possible. The thickness and width of the rings is also an important factor. Here are some practical observations that I have been able to gain during my eleven years of experience in ring making business:

The longer the fingers are, the better the broad/wide ring suits (Ladies can optically lengthen their fingers with a suitable manicure or artificial nail.)

-The more color the ring is made up, the smaller/narrower it will appear. For example, if we put a 6mm wide white ring and a three-pair ring-shaped multicolored ring next to each other (which is also size 6), the solid-color has a much wider effect.

-Comfort-fit design is recommended only for wide rings, as the narrow, inside con-vexed rings can turn diagonally on the fingers.

-The outside straight rings are more modern and younger, while outside convex ones are more traditional rings

-The more con-vexed the ring is, the more it thickens and strengthens, the optically the wearer's finger.

-The thickness of the rings should be determined at least 1.5-2 mm because the thinner rings can easily deform and if you gain a few pounds, it can not easily be expanded.

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