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“Our family manufacture specializes in the production of unique handmade jewelry, especially personalized wedding rings and engagement rings.

Base material of our jewels are: gold, platinum, stainless steel, damask steel and titanium.

Our main goal is to maintain the old legitimate reputation of the goldsmith profession and the splendor art of the Hungarian Goldsmith; to create and present permanent values. By using and revivifying. traditional craftsmanship techniques, we would like to follow the footsteps of the worthily well-known Hungarian goldsmiths.

Our jewels are made by forging, sawing, brazing and grinding. We are trying to complement the old and traditional knowledge according to the spirit of the age with the help of modern technology; therefore, we apply turning, CNC milling, scanning and photo etch working as well.

The aim of this website is to show for those who are interested in the goldsmith what the real value is;
a personalized individual jewel that goes beyond the material value of gold. "



András Mihalovits and his son

engagement and wedding ring specialists.

"Our family manufacture is custom jewelery; unique design handcrafted jewelry professionalizing especially in one-of-a-kind custom wedding and engagement rings. The base materials of our jewels are: gold, platinum, stainless steel, damask steel, titanium. "




It was Cleopatra's  most favorite gemstone. The Incas and Aztecs regarded it as healing stones. 

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Stainless/ Alloy Steel

Steel vs. Allergy 1: 0

... if close my eyes and I say a few times the word “stainless steel / alloy steel” to myself what pops into my mind?

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About Platinum


Platinum is very rare and very special metal. Our most beautiful and valuable jewelry is made of platinum 950 per mill.

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