The roots of this special technique go back to ancient blacksmith's work. This technology is labor-intensive, demanding and requires expensive raw materials. Therefore, it has disappeared from time to time from history and later emerging in even more dazzling form and captivating and holding the attention of many.

Originally special guns, knives, swords, ornament symbols were decorated with this metal decoration process which resembles to the inlaid decoration process. Probably this type of technique was taken to its peak by the Persians, but beautiful weapons and jewels were found in Turkey as well. Furthermore, wonderful pieces of work were created in India also.

The essence of this technique, which is called fret-working, is that we cut into a harder base metal sunk patterns; as a result of these process we hammer wires which are made of precious metal into the sprung “pits”. After the hammering, the surface reaches its final smooth surface via sanding.
The engraving is prepared in such way that the gold or silver fibers can not be removed from the sample, they are almost forged into a single material.


We strive to take part into reviving the oldest traditions , so we use this special decoration on our jewels.

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