Our primary goal is to learn and use the opportunities offered by new innovative technologies, in addition to preserving and nurturing the old traditions. Nowadays, the CNC technology is opening up many ways which have not been available at all in the past - or they would have been very difficult to reach. By using CNC milling machines, tough materials such as Damascus steel, titanium or medical steel are workable. Due to its precision, the fingerprint or even the heart tone of our beloved one can be engraved/ milled into the ring with complete precision.

Any type of font can be used to spell the text that is known to the Word, application. Furthermore, even our own handwriting can be engraved and seen on the ring of our beloved one. Not only can the outer rim of the ring be milled, but also the interior.
With the so-called sandwich technique, we can make rings in wich the outer rim of the ring is made of different colored gold than the inside; by applying special milling technology, we penetrate into the upper layer so that the imagined pattern is separated not only in space but also in color.

The jewelry is made as precise as a machine part.


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