The most elegant, cleaner rings are made of one colored gold alloy.
The two most commonly used gold content are the 14 and 18 karat alloys.
14-k karat gold is tougher, more durable and cheaper. Its gold content is 585 thousandths.(per mill)
The 18-karat alloy is more resistant to acids, alkali, and its light is higher; its old content is 750 per thousandths.(per mill)

The oldest known in our country is the red color which is also called middle red within the goldsmiths industry. This is gradually replaced by rose red which is a deeper, darker red gold alloy. This is a really romantic color! The best known is the yellow gold which is eye-catching and mesmerizing with its sunny sun-yellow light. He looks at the eye. It's not so well known, but it's very elegant with green gold. It is ostentatious and captivating; it is a real curiosity. Currently it is the most fashionable white gold which is the toughest gold alloy and discreet in its appearance.


  • Solid colored/ Plain rings


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