• Multicolored rings

It allows for many variations when the rings are made with a combination of two or more colors. For me, perhaps the most beloved rings are the combination of rose and white gold rings because the two colors contrast strongly with each other. It is also very special: It’s the “matrimony” of the rose and yellow gold. Of course, the most common and fashionable is the combination of yellow and white gold.

The reason I like to apply more colors within a ring is because, let's assume we put a red prominent overlay on a white background for example in a monogram, it is much more accentuated and predominant as highlights the color difference of the theme or pattern. However, caution should be used because if you apply more than two colors in a ring, you can easily tap into an exaggerated, colorful cavalcade. Therefore, I prefer offering the choice of two colors for couples.

My personal favorites include the so-called " inverted ring pairs where the pattern on the male and female rings is the same, but the colors are swapped. For example, the female ring is made of yellow gold with white overlay while the male ring is white and the overlay is yellow. Thus the rings are the same, symbolizing cohabitation, but the difference between man and woman is emphasized. The tone colors are even more distinct if one of the material is blur and the other is bright and polished.


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