• Alloy / Stainless steel rings

The wear-resistant stainless / alloy steel, also known as medical steel, is the toughest alloy from which we make rings. It is an acidic, waterproof, anti allergic metal alloy and therefore it can also be worn by nickel-allergy sufferers, too.

In Hungary, my grandfather was the first one who made rings from stainless/ alloy steel ( from that matter he invented the slippery bearings). Today, the best-selling jewelry manufacturers can not ignore the stainless / alloy steel from their range of offer because, due to its extremely beneficial properties, this non-expensive alloy has been added to the jewelry group.

Its appearance is most similar to white gold, but its weight is smaller and its hardness is much higher. That's why it's not easy tractable and workable. However, a common misconcept is that steel rings can not be widened.

Since it can be mixed up with white gold, our steel/alloy jewelry must be labeled "steel" as being applied in the international practice.

We have also made reproductions of steel rings from several couple's white ring since the steel rings are much cheaper and less vulnerable than gold. In addition, it can be bravely combined with gold and titanium.


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