Pricing of the custom made jewelry made by us:

We manufacture high quality tailor-made jewel according to our clients’ wishes here at home in Hungary!

The exact precise price is always determined by the complexity of the job and the number of hours worked.

The following amounts are normative and include the VAT:

Ag925: 20.000./g
14k: 45.000./g
18k: 55.000./g
Pt 950: 60.000./g



The weight of a pair of wedding or engagement rings are usually from 12 to 15 grams; however, it
may go up to 20 grams, depending on your finger size and the width of your chosen rings.

The 18 karat gold's specific gravity is greater than that of 14 karat.

The weight of the same jewel made of 18-karat gold is approx. 25-30% greater than the14 karat's.

More types/styles can be freely varied and combined.



A pair of steel rings /alloy rings (two pieces) start from 199,000 HUF; the titanium (“titan”) ring pair starts from 219,000 HUF regardless of size or weight.

Two pieces of the gold-plated steel rings cost 190-250,000 HUF; it depends on the size of the finger and the width of the ring.

The cost of a pair of damask steel rings is 229,000 Ft regardless of the weight.

The cost of a pair of platinum rings is 719,000 Ft also regardless of the weight.

The price of platinum jewelry is very difficult or impossible to convert into price per gram.
Its value always depends on the amount of time / work invested and the amount of material used.


Any font/type of letter can be applied that Word knows.

Inside the rings even our loved one's fingerprint can be engraved for 25-50,000 HUF per ring.
It is important to know the lady's finger size in case of engagement ring; without this information the finished ring will be either too large or too small.

The price of the rings may vary , a great depending on the complexity of the work;

In addition, if gems are high-gloss zircons, or Top Wesselton vvs1, high quality diamonds, with a Certificate.

We can carry out work based on photo provided by our client or previous work we have done.

Every jewel will be a unique piece!

The hand-made/custom-made rings are ready in one or three weeks from the time of the order for trial and within one or two additional weeks from the trial, they will reach their final shape.

At least one and a half months are required for the preparation/creation of platinum rings and palladium-alloy white gold jewelry.

Jewelry can be ordered personally at in our workshop with a minimum of 30% deposit.


The price includes the material, the price of labor, the Hungarian or EU badge, and the ring boxes that are made of wood.

The gems are provided with a Certificate. We guarantee our jewels!

All our jewels are made by applying a unique traditional, hand-forged technology, carried out in high quality.

Our jewels are unique and personalized and more durable than the molded jewels that are made in mass production.

For any other information, please contact our goldsmith workshop at 1238. Budapest, Láng Endre utca 45. Appointment is necessary.


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