Guarantee for our jewels 



We always guarantee the quality of our work!

In our steel and titanium jewelry look for the stylized/conventional head of the deer; our gold and platinum jewelry contains the MA monogram and the official Hungarian plate-mark/hallmark.

The stones embedded by us do not fall out of jewelry because we insert them under a microscope using a manual chisel.

Jewelry scratching is a natural process that results from the nature of utility object and therefore does not count as an error and is not warranty entitled. Nevertheless, we willingly re-polish or unglaze your
jewelry at any time at a favorable price within a short deadline.

Our prices include the materials and labor, the VAT, the Hungarian hallmark/plate-mark and the wooden gift box.

All our jewels are made applying a unique traditional hand-forged technology carried out in high quality.

Our jewels are unique and personalized and more durable than the molded jewels that are made in mass production.

(We reserve the right to change prices.)


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